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Will the Standing Committee on Crown Corporations please come to order. Your first item of business is the election of a Chairperson. Are there any nominations for this position?

In a society that tends to embrace the latest fashions and fads, it’s perhaps not all that surprising that so many companies want to be seen as protecting the planet.

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This is the culmination of a five year process starting in focussed on developing a set of documents defining BIM Level 2 and providing best practices for achieving compliance. A shortage of data scientists to help them to do this has become an acute problem. Put another way the construction industry had to move from thinking analog to thinking digital in just five years. The utility industry has been going through a similar transition in moving to what is called a smart grid and distributed generation.

Home natural gas line splitter Propane Parts, Splitters, Hoses, Connectors Propane adapters and fittings for camping, ice shelters, Recreational Vehicles and many other applications. I have a natural gas line in my yard for a BBQ. I want to add a 2nd BBQ. Previous tenants have used this line direct for dryer usage, but the splitter We have all been taught that running a gas line is so dangerous, you should just not bother.

Underground Gas Polyethylene Piping System. These risers are used for both natural gas and propane gas distribution. Look for the right gas line fitting at Grainger. Gas connector fittings are designed to meet the gas connectivity needs of commercial kitchens Department of Transportation April Get A Free Quote Natural gas – Official Site Virginia Natural Gas operates and maintains natural gas pipes, reads meters and distributes natural gas to certified marketers, who sell it to more than , customers in southeastern Virginia.

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Identity theft charges in Port Moody after reported mail theft But FortisBC has told engineering staff it intends to fill the old inch pipe with concrete and leave it in place, which the company says is standard practice. Discussions between FortisBC and the city over the project have been ongoing for more than four years. And because of the impasse, FortisBC recently took the issue to the BC Utilities Commission, where it is seeking approval to move ahead with construction without a permit from Coquitlam.

The company wants to upgrade its service with a inch line that will replace the existing inch pipe that has been in the ground for more than 50 years and is nearing the end of its lifespan. The work is part of a larger project, the Lower Mainland Intermediate Pressure System Upgrade, which has already started along 1st Avenue in Vancouver and will continue into Burnaby later this year. The work in Coquitlam is not expected to get underway until FortisBC told The Tri-City News the replacement of the line is necessary in order to ensure the safe delivery of natural gas to , local residents, 31, in Coquitlam.

Doing so would also have significant costs. As for repaving Como Lake Avenue, Stout said it is customary for utility providers to replace the pavement disturbed during construction rather than the entire street. Stout noted the project has received permits and approvals from the city of Vancouver and Burnaby without being required to remove the existing pipeline. For one, the thoroughfare is much narrower than 1st Avenue, which has a large boulevard separating the east- and westbound lanes, creating more room for utilities underground.

Work in Coquitlam will also see greater traffic impacts, he said.

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Transcription 1 Revised Cal. Alternating-current service will be regularly supplied at a frequency of approximately 60 Hertz cycles per second. All electric service described in this rule is subject to the conditions in the applicable rate schedule and other pertinent rules. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ascertain and comply with the requirements of governmental authorities having jurisdiction. Service to an applicant is normally established at one delivery point, through one meter, and at one voltage class.

For purposes of this rule, distribution service voltage classes, delta or wye connected, are described as:

Published Wednesday, October 10, 8: While no FortisBC infrastructure was damaged when the Enbridge pipeline ruptured and ignited, the utility relies on the pipeline to supply natural gas to its customers across the province, including in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Two pipelines have been shut off while crews respond, and FortisBC estimates about 70 per cent of its customers — or around , people — could lose gas supply before the situation is resolved.

Doug Stout, vice-president of market development and external relations for the utility, urged customers to use natural gas sparingly in the meantime. But conserving natural gas is a tall order for restaurants, where the majority is used for food preparation. FortisBC has natural gas storage facilities in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island that will help supply the system during the pipeline shutdown, and there is another pipeline from Alberta to southeast B.

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Pipeline blast forces FortisBC to the open market for natural gas supply

More information on renovations, click here BC rebates BC homeowners can choose from a shopping list of renovation rebates from the Government of BC: There are additional rebates for low-flow toilets , and even more grants, rebates and incentives from local BC governments and energy utilities. Your tax-free grant money will be sent within 90 days of your follow-up energy audit.

The installation process will then move to Kelowna, the South Okanagan, Similkameen and Boundary and then back to finish off the Kootenays in late After a few safety scares with smart meters in Saskatchewan, FortisBC wants to assure customers that before a contractor installs the new meter, the hook-up will receive a close safety inspection.

The inspection will flag any unusual wiring, broken government seals, broken or cracked meter base lugs and will include a voltage check. There is a charge for opting out of the new meters, as well as a charge for future manual meter readings. This covers the vehicle and labour costs incurred for the ongoing manual reading process. The society has launched a campaign against the smart meters, citing electrohypersentitivity, a highly debated physiological condition the group claims is worsened by the electromagnetic frequency emitted from the new meters.

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For more online, all the time, see www. A googol is a huge quantity, a 1 with a hundred zeros after it. Come in and meet with our team of professionals today. Municipalities del- egates voted by a two-to-one margin Wednesday to urge the province to lay the groundwork to allow online voting as an option three years from now. Advocates of the idea say it could re- verse a trend of sag- ging voter turnout, while detractors worry casting a bal- lot may no longer be secret, opening the door to vote-tam- pering by interest groups out to sway the result.

Linda Reimer, one of the delegates who voted in favour. She said one Ontario city that al- lows online voting found most users are seniors with mobil- ity problems. We do not allow peo- ple to go in the poll- ing booth with other people when they are voting. Another tradi- tion that will defi- nitely end in is November voting. From that year on, local voting will hap- pen in October. The latest incident took place at about 4 p.

This is the third bank robbery in less than a week and the sixth business rob- bery since Sept. When an employee approached him and asked if he needed help, he said he forgot something in his car, and left. The man returned a few minutes later and stood in line.

Pipeline blast forces FortisBC to open market to boost natural gas supply

For those workers who have full time status, and have been with the company since Go-Live have it pretty good! This company abuses part-time contract workers. Scheduling workers to be in the office from 7am to 3pm then back in the office for emergency graveyard shifts from 12am to 8am back-to-back.

Regulation and improving the location accuracy of underground utility networks The uncertainty in the location of underground utilities costs the U. A leading cause of highway construction delays is missing or inaccurate information about the location of underground utilities. One of the reasons that utility network owners such as gas, electricity, and water distribution companies and telecommunications operators have not been motivated to improve the quality of the location information about their infrastructure is the nature of state regulation of liabilities in the construction industry.

Liabilities in this context refers to who is responsible when an underground cable or pipe is hit during an excavation. The North American regulatory framework is in contrast with the French model which is designed to result over time in improved information about the location of the nation’s underground infrastructure. As an example of a simple regulatory model relating to underground infrastructure, I remember several years ago at a GITA ANZ event in Brisbane hearing about a proposed liability model for Queensland water infrastructure.

It was very simple. When a utility or a contractor employed by a utility completes a job installing or maintaining underground facilities, they are required to submit accurate as-builts.

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