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The board didn’t email me when you replied so I didn’t realized anyone had responded until I noticed “9” replies scanning through!! I’m still waiting on the actuator but I managed to get the ESC and radio controller set up and working. There are some great youtube videos on how to use the Flysky Controller and I learned several important things including what you said that you don’t need an extra power source, the ESC will provide the power for the radio receiver. Additionally it has a shifter that will allow it to go at low speed, high speed and reverse.

The way I have it wired now has all that bypassed battery directly to ESC, ESC directly to motor so I actually have no way I think to turn it off without unplugging the battery.

Jul 19,  · Looking for conformation of UBEC hookup. If I understand correctly, when using a UBEC, you can either tie it into the existing batt connection or you can use the esc with the motor batt and the ubec with a separate batt for the rec (like a lipo or A) or use the ubec with the motor batt and just plug the flight batt into the rec.

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Matt Higgins Dec 15, Comments 23 There are all sorts of motors that qualify as brushless motors, but a significant point of difference between brushless motor designs used in RC truck applications is sensoreless vs. Explaining the difference is best done by defining what sensored means. On the motor end of the loom are sensors that tell the speed control a number of things, but most importantly the exact position of the rotor within the motor through three Hall Effect sensors. Sensorless motors simply do not have sensors inside the motor—hence the name sensorless.

They determine the likely position of the rotor based on feedback called back-EMF.

Sep 11,  · You plug it into your throttle channel. If you are using the ESC’s BEC, it will also feed power to the receiver through that channel. If your ESC has a BEC but you still plan to use an outside power sourse, like a receiver battery, you need to remove the positive pin from the ESC connector.

Hi, Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Will and if you have questions or would like to contribute projects or ideas you can contact me Beginners Guide to a Gas Powered RC Airplane This is my newest series of videos and tutorials and in this series I adventure into the world of Gas Powered flight. This is going to be a lot of fun! Up until now I have built and flew two airplanes and both of them are electric powered: The first beginners electric plane – The second bigger plane Japanese Zero.

With this project we really start to delve into the world of RC airplanes beign gas powered, pretty darn big, and an “ARF” which means Almost ready to fly. So there will be some fun assembly of the plane and installation of the engine.

NOVAK Eiger pro ESC/Rock Star 35T Motor + BEC

Motors draw current when they spin, if you draw more Amps than your ESC can handle, it will start to overheat and eventually fail. A catastrophic failure can even end up with your ESC in flames! Three things that tend to increase your current draw and put more stress on your ESC:

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Designed for heavier trail or rock racing rigs, the ROC HD delivers more torque and more power on demand. It’s the new RX4. Built in the top secret labs of Tekin, a HardBox beast of a rock racing and crawling controller was born. Designed to handle the rigors of scale crawling and racing, the RX4 has the power to push your rig through any obstacle. The Redline was just raised a few thousand RPM. Tekin’s new Redline GEN3 motors bring next level performance, design and aesthetics to chassis everywhere!

Jul 08,  · Learn about the basic components and wiring procedures for electric RC airplanes and helicopter powerplants. Easily connect your ESC and Brushless Motor to .

So do I have to power the motor rail on the kk with and external unit? I guess I could run the jumper for know. Any thoughts, and, why the hell would this be engineered this way, “this” being the KK board. Shouldn’t power be distributed to m2 trough m8 from m1? Anyways, thanks again man, this was stressing me out! That is just strange. I’m just not sure why Castle made their ESC like this, but as long as it works You should be fine just running the jumper as you don’t have any higher current draw on the 5v buss the way you are set up and those CC have a 5A BEC in them.

Wire 36 10 AWG Red

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May 10,  · How To Wire A RC BEC How To Connect A BEC On Your RC Car or Truck. Have you ever wondered how to wire up your BEC properly, connecting to your reciever box, servo, and ESC can be a confusing task.

My little voice came up with a winner recently. I had a Multiplex Acromaster kit waiting to be assembled. I noted that the fuselage and wings are actually made in a clamshell fashion with hollows inside to save weight. Furthermore, the Elapor foam glows very nicely when illuminated from within. These hollows offered very neat and tidy little cells that my voice thought would work well to contain light-emitting diodes LEDs to make a great night flyer.

My voice and I set out to make that happen. Here are the results and a quick how-to. LEDs are amazing little electronic devices that produce light from an electric current that is nothing less than astounding. They require a very precise current, and you cant let them have too much current or they will go the way of the overfed goldfish in a s e c o n d — g r a d e classroom. In short, you need to control the voltage and current that they receive in order to make them work and last.

How To: Install A Castle 10A BEC

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